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About PeaceDance

PeaceDance was founded by Catherine Douglas in the Spring of 2004 as a youth empowerment program for middle school girls centered around the creative arts, Hip Hop dance, and inspired discussion. Today it has evolved to include both girls and boys and is less Hip Hop-oriented and more focused on peace work, both inner and outer.

PeaceDance classes incorporate many elements, including movement, guided meditations, art projects, philosophical discussions, and energy practices such as Qigong. PeaceDance is based upon the idea of peace as a state of being that can be consciously cultivated.   As Thich Nhat Hanh says, “water the seeds of peace.”   This class intends to help young people plant and water such seeds of peace, so that radiant flowers of joy, inspiration, laughter and fulfillment may blossom.  

Founder Biography

Catherine Douglas received her BA with honors in Dance and Holistic Healing from Pitzer College. She is a certified Wei-Tuo Qigong instructor, a facilitator of the "Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream" Symposium, and a teacher of "Natural Highs: Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol" courses at the majority of the high schools in Boulder.   She is the coordinator for the Natural Highs Action Group, a community service-based student group that recently received a grant from the City of Boulder and the Youth Opportunities Program for hosting sober Friday night events for teens. Catherine has studied with the co-founder of Positive Psychology, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the pioneer of Nonviolent Communication, Marshall Rosenberg, and the creator of the movement-based rites of passage program “Surfing the Creative®,” Melissa Michaels.   Catherine is dedicated to helping young people find inner peace so that they may create ripples of peace in the world.

To learn more about Catherine's work with "Natural Highs: Healthy Alternatives to Drugs & Alcohol," click here.


Catherine would like to thank Melissa Michaels for her mentorship while Catherine was creating this program, Avani Dilger for imparting so much knowledge, September School for donating their space, Hagan Caldwell and his company MomentUniverse for all of his help with the website, and her students for being an endless source of inspiration.